On Peace & Yoga (from July 17, 2018)

In a world thrashed by violence, hatred, and seemingly endless division, we all need sanctuary places where we can ground our souls and restore our connection with the oneness of life. For me, one of those places is my yoga practice. In the three years that I have been a regular practitioner, I have been healed anew with each gentle breath and every graceful (usually not so graceful!) motion that yoga affords me. Our yoga mats offer us a refugee in time and space where we can intimately feel the life force that binds us all to one another--humans and animals and all living things. My practice teaches me the importance of caring for others, of living in the moment, and of believing in my ability to define my own destiny.

So my message for today is this: don't sweat the small stuff. Look beyond the ephemeral and find the eternal. Stress, worry, and even hatred perish, but love and kindness never die. Forgive those who trespass against you. Look down deep into your soul and find your "breath of life"--your animating spirit--and seize it. Use it to transform yourself and the world. Use it to make your every act an act of love and compassion. See in every stranger a friend, for we were strangers once too.