On Trump's Election (from November 10, 2016)

To be quite honest, my knee-jerk reaction to the election of Trump was much like it typically is: conciliatory and diplomatic. Calm and collected. I thought to myself, "It will be okay."

But since Tuesday night, I have rapidly shifted away from that position. True, if McCain or perhaps Romney had been elected, I would have accepted that. I disagreed with nearly everything in their platforms, but at least they didn't mock and vilify people. They didn't attack the free press, denigrate immigrants, brag of sexually assaulting women, make a mockery of people with disabilities, or cozy up with murderous Putin.

Trump is different. He stands against all the best our country has to offer. Right now, undocumented immigrants that have registered with the federal government under DACA or DAPA are terrified that the President-elected will use that information to rip their families apart and deport them. Most of my family lives in Romania. They now live in fear that Putin may run roughshod over them. LGBTQ+ people live in fear against a government that will oppose them at every step, against a vice president that believes that you can electrocute gay people until they're straight. People of color are terrified that they will be relentlessly attacked, that we have elected a person who began his short career in politics by launching a racially-motivated tirade questioning the President's birthplace. Women are afraid that a rapist has been elected over a strong, smart, and steady female leader. That Roe v. Wade may be on the chopping block. And the planet is afraid that its last hope of salvation has died with the election of a man who believes that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.

And I know many of you are saying that we should now move to a place of understanding for the poor whites who elected this man. But I'm afraid I can't do that. Not when they do not see myself, an immigrant and LGBT person, as a full American. Not when they are unwilling to consider the struggles of people of color in this country. Many will say that Trump's supporters are not all racists, sexists, homophobes, and xenophobes. But you cannot cast a vote in isolation from all of that. You STILL voted for him, you still took the decisive action, even if enacting hateful policies was not your goal. In effect, it is just like saying that you did not want to bully the kid in the school yard, but you did it anyway. And yes, his supporter's economic struggles are 100% worthy of consideration, which is why we need a strong progressive leader in the White House. Donald Trump will be a disaster for poor people in this country, no doubt about it. He will NOT bring manufacturing back to this country.

As strongly as the GOP pledged to oppose Barack Obama when he was first elected to office, I now do so today. I pledge to work hard to make sure that Trump is a one-term president and that he is soundly defeated on November 3, 2020. Because Donald Trump is, without a modicum of doubt: